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Harvesters Of Sorrow Has a New Address!
Jun 28, 10 5:46 AM
Wood Burning for WoW Fans
Aug 6, 09 8:17 PM
Looking For Leaders!!!!
Jun 28, 09 7:30 PM
Jun 26, 09 8:12 AM
Harvesters Of Sorrow
Welcome and thanks for checking out Harvesters Of Sorrow!  We are a smaller size guild that is always on the look out for more guild members! 

We welcome all races, classes and levels!  We are also looking for members who are willing to help organize and lead more guild raids. 

What we offer you as a guild:

This guild has been around since June 11, 2007.  It's been around a long time and is not going any where anytime soon!

~Weekly Raiding~
We are a casual raiding guild.  Currently we are looking for guild members who are interested in running weekly or monthly guild raids.
^ Please check our calendar to see what raids we are currently working on as a guild!

We are a very casual guild but encourage fellow guild members to post on the calendar if they are doing anything fun with PvP and would like other guildies to join them!  Be sure to sign up and show up for your events!!!

~6 Bank Tabs~

Most times our bank is packed full of helpful weapons, armor, potions and much more to aid you.
^ Guild Members please do not put non-buff food, vendor items, bandages, quest items, grey or low level items in the Guild Bank. 

~Free Guild Tabard~
After you are in the guild for one month (start as initiate) you will be promoted to member status.  Once you are a member, you get a free guild tabard (if you didn't already have one. If you had a tabard from your previous guild, it will automatically change to ours when you join!)

~Helpful Guild Members~
Most guild members are more than willing to lend you a helping hand when they have the time!  So never be afraid to ask in guild chat!

~Low Stress~
We don't pressure anyone to level at a certain rate. We encourage Guild Members to socialize and have fun while we all work together as a team!

A helpful tool for guild members to contact their Guild Master.  Feel free to contact her anytime with any questions, comments or concerns!

We are a fun guild and we would like to have you as a part of our team!!!  Join us today!!! 
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Harvesters of Sorrow
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